Nevada is the easiest state in the United States to get married in!

As a full-time practicing officiant in Northern Nevada who has married over 1100 couples, I want to share my pearls of wisdom on the process to obtain your Nevada marriage license.

Nevada is arguably one of the most convenient and easiest states to get married in. The easy process makes it stress-free for couples to get hitched!


Apply for your license

  1. In Nevada, both parties must go in person to the county clerk/recorder’s office to apply for and obtain the license.
    • Some exceptions can be made if one of the parties is incarcerated, hospitalized or in hospice.
  2. Several counties do allow you to fill out the information on-line so that when you arrive, it’s a quick visit.
  3. Check the hours! Some counties have offices that are open 365 days a year, like Washoe County in Reno.
  4. You need to be at least 18 years of age to get married in the State of Nevada.
  5. You can purchase your license in whatever county you are in, and it can be used anywhere in the State of Nevada for one year.
  • Check the date of your ceremony to make sure you are not purchasing your license too early.
  1. Visit the Secretary of State Office to find your county:
  2. Popular counties to purchase licenses from:
  3. Bring your ID!
    • Government issued picture identification that is not expired.
    • On rare occasions, you may need additional paperwork.
    • The county website will list acceptable items.
  4. You can pay with either cash or credit card.
    • Most counties will charge a service fee if you use a credit card.
    • Note the fee for the county you are applying to.
  5. Some counties will include a certified copy when they issue you the license.
  • The standard fee is $85.
  • The certified copy fee is $15.
  • When you purchase your license, they will inform you whether or not your certified copy is included.
  • What is the certified copy? Once you are married, your officiant will record your license. A certified copy is available at that time. It is proof that you are legally married. It is commonly used by couples for name changes, for life and health insurance, and buying homes.
  1. Your license is ready for use as soon as the clerk issues it to you.
  2. Get married!


After the Wedding

  1. Your certified copy is ready as soon as it is recorded by your officiant.
  2. If it was not included in the original license purchase fee, you can order it by mail or return to the original license issuing county to purchase one in person.


With this straightforward process, no blood tests, and no waiting times, getting married in Nevada couldn’t be easier.